Take-out gone again

Matt Harkins, Circulation Director

The saga over whether dining hall employees will have take-out boxes available continues.

Currently, take-out boxes are once again gone and students no longer have the option of taking a box of food from the cafeteria.

“We are holding back on the take-out box program,” said UPJ Sodexo General Manager Victor Costlow.

“Students have been loading the boxes up with food without the intent of what it’s there for,” said Costlow.

“We are taking it away to prove a point. If you abuse the system, we will not make it available.”

The more food the students haul out of the cafeteria and the more plates and silverware that are taken out of the dining hall will cause costs to go up in the future, according to Costlow.

“We will introduce the take-out boxes again,” said Costlow.  “Most likely before the end of this semester.”

If students continue to abuse the system, then the take-out box program could be held back again, according to Costlow.

“Just don’t abuse the system and be responsible when taking food,” said Costlow.

This take-out elimination is unrelated to the reason the take-out boxes were taken away earlier this year.

“When we didn’t have take-out boxes earlier this year, it was because we were just out of them,” said Costlow.

If students have any questions, concerns or suggestions they can talk to any of the food service managers or talk to Costlow in his Student Union office.