Food polls launched

Vivian Chen Liyi, Staff Writer

Pitt Johnstown Sodexo Food Services conducted an online survey for on campus dining experiences evaluation.

According to Pitt Johnstown Sodexo General Manager Victor Costlow, the survey includes students’ preference for dining site choices, food quality and customer service.

In return for participation, students can have $1 off coupon in Student Union Tuck Shop for their purchase.

The system requires 50 completed surveys per location to generate the results; Costlow reviewed the results and put together an action plan to drive customer satisfaction.

“When reviewing the survey results, information is provided and action plans are put in place based on the input received.”

Costlow also said that two action plans were put in place based on the survey result. The First action plan is the “Let-Us Toss 4 U” program. The second action plan is the “Salad of the Day”. Both plans are to promote “Wellness Wednesdays.”

“The University is putting a lot of emphasis on ‘Wellness Wednesday’ which will be implemented at the Magellan’s area or the Student Union Dining Hall in a new program called ‘Let-Us Toss 4 U’.” said Costlow.

“Each Wednesday on the Magellan’s ‘Main Line’ we will feature a specialty ‘Salad of the Day’ that will be 600 calories or less to promote ‘Wellness Wednesdays’. This salad will be tossed for the customers for freshness and low calories.”

“The home-style meals will be relocated to the other side of Magellan’s. The idea is to improve quality and freshness and also offer low calorie/healthy options. When items are made to order, the freshness and quality are improved.”

Freshmen Tiffany Uzoh said there should be more healthy salad other than Wednesdays.

“I think that this healthy salad should be included in the cafeteria meals more than once a week.” said Uzoh, “Myself and lots of my friends eat healthy and dislike most of the cafeteria food because it’s not.”

“Promoting healthy eating should be everyday not one a week.” said Uzoh.