Pingpongers do battle

Luis Torres, Copy Editor

Student Government Association’s event “Pingpong for Puppies” attained some success March 22, thus fulfilling modest expectations for its debut. The event’s continuity is to be decided by Student Senate Recreation and Publicity Committee members.

The idea of playing pingpong to benefit animals came to Alexis Prusick, Recreation and Publicity Committee chairman, as part of an article published on the Advocate.

“(The article  stated) that students would like to see the pingpong tables (at The Zone) utilized to a greater good, so I brought the article back to my committee and we decided to have a ping pong tournament.

“After throwing around names, we came up with ‘Pingpong for Puppies,’ and, since that worked well with the p’s, we had all the money go straight to the Cambria Humane Society.”

Having a workable idea and a catchy alliterative name, the event took off. Details – regulations, goals, and expectations – were then settled.

The event consisted of a doubles pingpong tournament, with free snacks (soft drinks, chips and light appetizers provided by Sodexo through a meal-exchange program) for participants and attendees alike.

Six teams signed up. The Cliff Maloney-Nolan Levine team came in first. Aside frin the $8 sign-up fee, “Pingpong for Puppies” officials received donations. A total of $65 was raised.

Since the event didn’t require any expenses, the full amount is to go to the Humane Society of Cambria County.

Initial expectations aimed at hosting 10 teams and raising $100.