Cabin reboot gets boost

Vivian Chen Liyi, Staff Writer

Pitt Johnstown Student Affairs Vice President Jonathan Wescott has approved a Student Senate request to support a Log Cabin renovation with Student Activity Fee reserve funds.

Cliff Maloney, Pitt Johnstown Student Government Association president, said that Wescott approved a request of $20,000 from the reserve to jumpstart the project’s fundraising.

Maloney also said the Student Senate was starting to receive pledges from clubs and hoping to receive another $10,000.

“We are hoping for another $10,000 from all the other student organizations collectively. The rest of the money for the project will come from the alumni of the university through donations,” said Maloney.

Jeff Philibin, Alumni Association president, said most of the funds will come from the Alumni Association, but student involvement is important.

“Even if it’s not the money, it is being part of it,” he said.

Robert Knipple, commmunity relations association vice president, said the timeline for the renovation completion depends the fundraising level.

“Probably a year for fundraising and then we can start working on the contract, depending on what level we are at.” said Knipple.

Philibin said the plan is to be done in three phases and, once they reach the funds for the first phase ($165,350), the project can start.

“The log cabin used to be the hot spot on campus and I am hoping that we can return it to that status,” said Maloney. “After the project is complete, the space will be available for campus parties, events, concerts, etc.”

Knipple said the project has the potential of making a permanent impact on Pitt-Johnstown.

“We are hoping to raise the money as soon as possible and get the project moving as quickly as possible so we can reap the benefits before graduating,” said Maloney.