Recyclabes pile up in wait for Dream

Matt Harkins, Circulation Director

A computerized recycling machine, the Dream Machine, still remains just that — a dream.

Some students have been saving glass and plastic bottles in anticipation of the machine’s arrival and are frustrated because they have been waiting since last semester when it was supposed to arrive.

“I have been saving bottles since I first heard the school was getting the Dream Machine last semester,” said senior Tyler Mentzer.  “I currently have five boxes of mostly glass and some plastic bottles; totaling almost 80 bottles.”

Mentzer said that he has questioned Sodexo staff members regarding the machine, but no one seems to have an answer about the machine’s arrival.

The machine, a recycling site in part sponsored by PepsiCo Inc.., offers prizes for recycled beverage containers.

Students anticipate the arrival of the machine to see how many points they have built up and what sort of prizes they can get.

“What I am looking forward to the most is simply seeing how many points my closet is going to be worth,” said Mentzer.  “I doubt I will get anything major out of saving the bottles, but it has been fun building up a collection while I wait.”

When the Dream Machine arrives, Sodexo workers will be in charge of keeping it clean and maintaining it.

“I don’t know exactly when it is going to arrive,” said Sodexo Manager Victor Costlow, “but I am excited for when it does arrive because we should have been doing this a long time ago.”

Costlow said that Physical Plant workers are to be in charge of the machine’s installation.

In an Aug. 19 photo on the Pitt Dining Facebook page, Pitt-Oakland’s Dream Machine is shown installed in Tower C’s lobby and ready for use.

UPJ’s Dream Machine is to be installed in the Student Union outside the Tuck Shop.