Campus thefts drop

Pat Gilles, Staff Writer

UPJ’s spring semester seems to be getting off on the right foot with a low number of reported thefts on campus.

According to Campus Police Officer Eric Zangaglia, there have been only three reported thefts in UPJ’s spring semester.

Zangaglia said that he believed the thieves are more likely to be a person the victim is in contact with.     He advises students to exercise caution.

“You have to be more proactive in protecting your items, lock your doors,” said Zangaglia. “In essence, you have to be (aware about) people you don’t know and the fact that you’re not living at home anymore.

“The person across the hall from you could be the best friend you had in your life or they could end up stealing from you.”

However, UPJ students seem to be secure from these types of problems and do not have to worry over this opportunity crime.

Compared with national statistics, UPJ seems to have a low number of thefts.

The three thefts that have occurred on campus have taken place in Maple Hall and Foxfire Lodge.