Faulty views targeted

Pat Gilles, Staff Writer

UPJ compact car commuters should be glad, because student senators are looking into safer and more available parking for them.

For the compact car commuters, parking along Kunk’s Drive across from Whalley Chapel may offer an enticing spot, but exiting that spot onto Kunk’s Drive can be challenging with large trucks or SUVs blocking views.

Some students have presented the problem to Student Senator Mark Stephens, who has presented it to Student Senate.

Stephens, a commuter student, said that he felt it would be a great idea to prohibit large vehicles from parking in the strip to help prevent accidents and stress.

“It’s not safe for people to be sticking half of their car out there,” Stephens said.

Freshman Drew Smith said he thinks it is a terrible idea.

“It should be a first-come, first-served basis.  Most people don’t even drive (compact cars).”

This issue is under review by the senate’s Student Affairs Committee.

“There is no progression yet but, the SGA is working on the issue,” said Stephens.