Game zone pool zupplies can’t handle the torment

Andy Hsiao Chung, Staff Writer

Pitt-Johnstown game room pool cues have seen better days as they were reportedly vandalized Jan. 20 – three days after they were replaced.

To some Pitt-Johnstown game room regulars, it was nothing out of the ordinary as  room equipment is regularly mutilated, then replaced, most usually pool cues and table tennis balls.

Since fall semester, however, a table tennis ball vending machine had been installed, and charges 25 cents for a ball.

“(Student Life Office) started charging for the table tennis balls early in the fall semester,” said Director of Student Life Sherri Rae. “When we realized that we were replacing them much more often than we should.

“We found balls crushed on the floor, shoved into the foosball table, and just generally destroyed.”

Rae also said the 25-cent charge was to ensure students would use balls only when needed, and are allowed to take it with them.

“We are also currently trying to buy cues that are sturdier and more easily repaired, as opposed to continuing to spend $8-10 each, minimum, on ones that continue to be broken in less than a week.”

Rae said she is also looking into a sign-out system, although that would limit use to office hours only.

“It is unfortunate that the behavior of some students is keeping others from playing pool, but it is not fiscally responsible to continue replacing the cues at the current rate.”