Guest policy proposed

Dylan Johnson, News Editor

At a Student Government Association meeting Nov. 28, student senators passed a proposal for an overnight-guest policy.

The policy includes an overnight-guest form that must be completed prior to midnight for each guest, and residents may not have more than two overnight guests at one time.

Guests would be limited to 24 overnight visits per semester.

Also, all roommates must sign the overnight-guest form, and guests must provide photo identification and be escorted at all times.

The student senate role in any policy change is only advisory to Housing Office administrators.  Housing officials can choose to adopt the senate-passed policy, ignore the suggested changes or adopt portions they find prudent.

Although a senate majority voted in favor of the proposed policy, some questioned whether the suggested overnight policy is necessary because a current policy, which is that no guests are allowed between midnight and 6 a.m is enforced.

Student Senator Christian Woo, who submitted the proposal, said he believes the policy is necessary because Pitt-Johnstown is one of the few Pitt campuses without an overnight-guest policy.

“Many (resident assistants) have told me that a few incidents could have been prevented had a policy been put in place,” said Woo.

“This is mainly for the (resident assistants) as well as the university.”

Woo also mentioned that the proposal has a lot of gray areas and loopholes.

“I kind of view it as the first step to getting a working overnight-guest policy,” said Woo.

“My hopes are that (Housing and Residence Life Director Mark) Dougherty, along with all of Housing, changes it to best fit the current system at Pitt-Johnstown.”

Dougherty was unavailable for comment.