Green to-go boxes made available again

Dylan Johnson, News Editor

Many students may be happy to notice that see-through green Eco-shells have returned to cafeterias.

After a large number of complaints and requests from students, Sodexo General Manager Victor Costlow decided to bring the Eco-shells back.

Costlow said that the Eco-shells were removed to help environmental sustainability.

“Paper and plastic don’t support sustainability,” said Costlow.

The Eco-shells have been available since the end of October and some students are using them already.

Eco-shells cost $5 or five points, and the first meal taken out is free.

“That way, students will find value in it, so (Eco-shells) aren’t thrown away,” said Costlow.

Costlow added that he looked at Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s take-out meal program and said that students receive a prepackaged meal including a sandwich, soda and fruit.

Costlow also said that he is looking into other environmentally friendly reusable options, such as reusable cups at Brioche Doree, like the ones at Jazzman’s.

“It’s all about the environment,” said Costlow.