Hemlock alarms irritating

Ross Nelson, Staff Writer

Fire alarms are requirements in most buildings to prevent problems; however, the fire alarms in Hemlock Hall have been a problem’s source.

Hemlock resident Jordan Jones said the alarms have been a nuisance.

“The fire alarms piss me off; we have had four in the last week and a half. It is ridiculous.”

The alarms have been going off randomly throughout the last week and a half. Jones said one day alarms went off multiple times.

“One went off around 11 p.m., another went off at 2:30, after I was done with class.

“One went off and woke me up at 10 a.m.”

Hemlock’s main front door was also malfunctioning. Jones said she had to be let into the hall by someone inside of Hemlock.

Housing Chair Stephen Torquato said he was not aware of any of the Hemlock issues.

“Students need to let the SGA know about residential problems,” said Torquato.

Torquato spoke to the Hemlock housing staff about the issues Friday. He said the broken door scanner was fixed and campus police were looking into the fire-alarm incidents.