Golden sledge set as award for best shack

Luis Torres, Staff Writer

Walking on the campus mall Oct. 16-17, students may have seen seven, cardboard representations of Third World housing. Habitat for Humanity sponsored the event, known as Shack-a- Thon.

According to Habitat president Sarah Harper, Shack-a-Thon was based on Cardboard Cities, events that take place at universities across the country. It consists of building shacks using materials that represent the hardships of homelessness and poverty.

Harper said her initial idea entailed constructing shacks out of cardboard alone.

“It’s basically Cardboard City…everybody can do it,” she said.

To participate in the event, groups had to pay a $15 admission fee, which included the cost of a pizza night, on the eve of sleep-out night. Profits from the event also served to pay dues to Habitat International.

A total of eight groups participated this year, three more than in 2010, the event’s first year.

Harper said she has faith that it will grow.

“Going from five to eight…It’s exciting, it shows it’s expanding.” She said.

A golden sledgehammer is to be awarded to the best shack’s builders. The winner is to be revealed Wednesday.