Senators ask for parking near Student Union

Dylan Johnson, News Editor

On any typical weekday students, faculty and staff can be seen circling Pitt-Johnstown parking lots in their cars, looking for an open space like scavenging vultures.

As a response to student requests for additional parking near the Student Union, student senators have started a parking initiative.

Student Senate President Cliff Maloney said that he and other senators wrote a letter to administrators expressing students’ concerns.

Pitt-Johnstown President Jem Spectar agreed there is a need for additional parking, and he directed Vice President for Finance and Administration Kelly Austin to begin a planning process.

Maloney said that administrators are scheduled to propose the plan by the beginning of the next semester.

“They are in the process of looking at different areas by the (Student) Union, freshman halls, lodges and townhouses,” Maloney said.

“As of now, the goal is to start the project this summer and have the tentative date of October 2012 for completion.”

Although students have expressed concerns about parking near the Student Union, some staff who work in the Student Union seem satisfied with the current number of available parking spots.

Career Counselor Allison Austin, who works in the Union, said she parks in the Biddle Hall parking lot and likes the walk.

“It gives me time to get away from my busy schedule,” said Austin.

Austin said that she has been at Pitt-Johnstown for two years and has never had a bad experience with parking.

“There’s always a spot,” said Austin. “I think the staff is happy. I don’t hear any complaints.”

Austin also said that she couldn’t think of a place near the Student Union for a parking lot.

“I think all the space is being utilized,” said Austin.