Beating victim threatened; two students charged

Ryan Brown, Managing Editor

Police said a Pitt- Johnstown student’s mother listened helplessly on her cell phone while three other students beat, threatened and a held her son at knifepoint Oct. 6 in his Laurel Hall dorm room.

Michael Pavasko, Tenecious Underwood and Ivan Dunn confronted Dustin Everhart at roughly 3:05 p.m., entering his room while he was on the phone with his mother, according to a Campus Police affidavit. Police said the group believed Everhart had stolen drugs and money from them.

Pavasko then grabbed Everhart’s phone and tossed it away – his mother still on the line – while Underwood placed towels along the door to muffle sounds in the room, police said.

The three men accused Everhart of theft, allegedly while rifling through Everhart’s drawers for cash and demanding the key to a safe box in the room.

Police said Pavasko then pulled a folding knife from his pocket and held it to Everhart’s throat, saying he was “done (messing) around.” Police said he alone was charged with aggravated assault.

When Everhart handed him the key, Pavasko then reared back as if preparing to stab him, police said.

“Everhart shut his eyes and ‘begged’ Pavasko to stop,” police said in the affidavit.

The trio then allegedly beat the victim, at one point kicking his face and breaking a tooth while he was restrained in a chair, police said.

When the alleged beating stopped, Pavasko ordered Everhart to pay the men $200 by the following Monday and a $20 tribute every week until spring break – adding that if he didn’t pay up, he’d be killed, police said.

Dunn backed his compatriots, saying, “If you (mess) with my boys’ money, then you (mess) with me,” according to police.

Before leaving, Underwood allegedly gestured as if holding a pistol and said he’d shoot Everhart with a .38-caliber handgun if police got involved.

“I didn’t kill 16 (people) back home to get (messed) with by some white boy,” police quoted Underwood in the affidavit.

Police launched an investigation soon after, noting that Everhart’s mother had overheard the altercation. Police incident reports list a mother’s request to check on her son Oct. 6 in Laurel Hall.

Charged with a slew of crimes including aggravated assault, terroristic threats and weapons possession, Pavasko and Underwood were apprehended and sent to Cambria County Prison last Wednesday. They did not post bail – $75,000 for Pavasko, $40,000 for Underwood – and remained in jail as of Friday, according to court documents.

Campus Police Chief Kevin Grady said that, as of Friday, Dunn had not been charged as his investigation was ongoing.

Dunn’s status is unclear. Campus police list five charges filed against him, but he does not appear on any Internet judicial documents.