Shhhhhhh… it’s study time

Erin Fowler, Staff Writer

As exam dates pile up, the need for a quiet study space is becoming more in demand.

Though students typically retreat to their dorms, they are not always the most peaceful places on campus.

Quiet hours are posted in all dorms, but, occasionally, these hours are not respected. Quiet hours are enforced primarily by RAs, but also can be enforced by campus police or the Housing and Residence Life Office.

According to Housing director Mark Dougherty, students are encouraged to enforce the quiet hours among themselves by respecting people around them, but, if the problem escalates, they should report it to their RA.

Quiet-hours violators are given the benefi t of the doubt twice, but, after three times, their behavior is considered a pattern, according to Dougherty.

After the third violation, students involved are fined, $5 to $10. If the problem still continues after that, the fine can increase.

Most problems are reported among freshmen and among upperclassmen living in the Living/Learning Center, Dougherty said.

Problems are reported all year, but are more numerous at the end of the semester during finals.