Drunk driving snare catches two

Trevor Monk, Staff Writer

For four hours on a Satuarday night Sept. 3, Richland Township police, in partnership with the county, ran a drunk-driver checkpoint at the Silver Drive-In Movie Theater entrance along Scalp Avenue.

Police operated the checkpoint place between 11 p.m. Sept. 3 and 3 a.m. Sept. 4. Along with the checkpoint, roving police patrol units also stopped drivers.

Every car that went through the checkpoint was stopped and drivers were questioned. Drivers showing signs of being intoxicated were taken aside and given a sobriety test and had their car searched.

Seven of these D.U.I. checkpoints have been set up throughout Cambria County in the last three months. Every checkpoint has been announced beforehand.

The checkpoint included 15 police officers from departments throughout the county, four of whom were Richland Township officers. Richland Township Supervisor Wayne Langerholc Jr. recognized Police Sgt. John Herdman, and other township police officers, during Monday’s supervisors’ meeting.

Langerholc said the checkpoint was a success, with 586 drivers and cars examined and two arrests for driving under the influence.

Also, there were two arrests for possession of illegal drugs, two each for transporting intoxicated underage passengers, and police also issued 25 traffic violations.

The roving patrol units made two additional arrests for driving under the influence.

Langerholc said four people being arrested for driving under the influence does not seem to be a substantial number, but with how quickly information travels with cell phones, people quickly learned of the checkpoint and some avoided it.

Herdman said even if no arrests were made that night, it still would have been successful because there were no accidents.

“We aren’t out there to arrest you, we are out there to keep you safe.”