Gob Day event satisfies cravings for sweet treat


Callie Cassick, Editor in Chief

Hundreds of people gathered in The Johnstown Galleria on Saturday for the 12th annual Gob Day with one thing in common – a love for a local delicacy.

“Western Pennsylvania is gob central,” Susie Platt said.

She and her business partner, Alex Jones, are the owners of Platt Out Jonesin’ for a Gluten-Free Bakery, located in Central City.

Jones, a Maryland native, moved to Pennsylvania in 2008 and was unaware of the treat’s popularity.

“Everybody was telling me that I had to try these things called gobs,” Jones said. “I was like, ‘What the heck is a gob?’ ”

Jones, who was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and Crohn’s disease, said that her health journey was what inspired her to start a bakery.

Her goal was to make sweet treats more accessible to others.

“I would buy gluten-free food from the store, and it would taste horrible,” Jones said. “I had always wanted to open my own bakery, but I never had the opportunity to do it. My friend and business partner, Susie, encouraged me to take the leap.”

Platt and Jones opened their bakery four years ago and have continued to grow their customer base. Their products are carried at stores such as Giant Eagle, Merchant Village, Wholesome Living Marketplace, Roof Garden Market and Mostoller’s Convenience Store in Somerset.

“Nothing feels better to me than having somebody come up to me and say, ‘I haven’t had this in 10 years. Thank you.’

“We’ve had quite a few customers, even little kids, who have never had a birthday cake,” Jones said. “Being able to make their cake for them makes what we do worthwhile.”

Heather Kiraly, a Stoystown resident who attended the Gob Day, said that gobs are a staple in her household.

“I can attest that the gobs here are absolutely delicious,” Kiraly said of Platt Out Jonesin’ for a Gluten-Free Bakery’s offerings.

Kiraly said she attends the event each year to scope out the different flavors of gobs that local businesses have to offer.

“I’m looking for regular chocolate and all of the different varieties that you can find, such as pumpkin, especially in the fall.” Kiraly said.

Bobbi Castellucchi, general manager of Forever Media – the event’s sponsor – said the popularity of the gob in the Johnstown area was the impetus for the creation of the annual event.

“People come here with bags, and they aren’t just looking to buy one. They want a ton of gobs,” Castellucchi said.

“This is an event that we have done in January for years. However, due to COVID-19, we weren’t able to do it this past January. We are considering having the event again this upcoming January, and maybe even adding more to it.”