Fashion-conscious use fall for change


Lucy Li

Freshman Katy Lynch (left) wore a yellow top to match her mustard skirt, and sophomore Lauren Lynch (right) wore a white top with army green pants Oct. 11.

Callie Burgan, Opinion Editor

Fall never goes out of style, according to some Pitt-Johnstown students.

Junior Courtney Claycomb said fall is her favorite season because of its distinct fashion trends.

“I love the idea of being casual and comfy,” she said.

“I feel like fall allows anyone to style their outfits more and add accessories. I think oversized and cropped sweaters are trending.

“I have also noticed turtlenecks and overall dresses have been trendy. Girls also still love the leggings and boots combination.”

In addition to fashion trends, Claycomb said fall makes it easier to dress with her religious views in mind.

“Fall impacts my style because it aligns with my Christian beliefs. It’s easier to be modest about what I wear.

“I can express myself more thing that give me more coverage yet are stylish.

“Most importantly though, you need to keep in mind that looks don’t matter. Fashion just helps people express who they are as an individual, which is why it is amazing,” Claycomb said.

Senior Caitlyn Kelley said she loves fall fashion because it allows her to layer fun and unique pieces into her everyday outfits.

“Leather is a trend that I believe is in right now. 

“Plaid pants with a leather jacket or a leather skirt with a turtleneck are some of my favorite combos at the moment.

Denim on denim is also a super cute pairing,” Kelley said.

Sophomore Caroline Semelsberger said she agreed that leather is trending and that her wardrobe is stocked with it this fall.

“I tend to wear leather jackets and booties frequently because they are a perfect look.

“Clothing in colors such as mustard yellow, burgundy, or orange are very appropriate for the season,” Semelsberger said.

Sophomore Morgan Rockey said that fall impacts her style because of the overall color scheme.

“For example, the trees are becoming more warm-toned, so naturally, I’m drawn to burnt oranges and red shades.

“I think the trends right now are baggy sweaters and flannels. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and I’m so here for it,” Rockey said.

Senior Brianna Facciani said fall makes her consider outerwear, like finding a perfect coat that can be worn on both brisk weather and warmer autumn days.

“I also think that while trends happen every season, there’s something about fall that makes turtlenecks the perfect item to wear.

“Whether you are pairing a turtleneck with a blazer to look a little more professional, or wearing it tucked in with jeans to look sophisticated, the possibilities are endless.

“In addition, fall finally means the long-awaited arrival of boots to come back into my style wardrobe, and for that I’m ever thankful,” Facciani said.

Freshman Miracle Kaminsky said she is excited to start wearing her new Sperry boots because they are considered a seasonal trend.

“I love the boots because they’re fuzzy on the inside to keep my feet warm, and they’re rubber on the outside which will be good protection against rainy or snowy weather.

“They also match with everything too because they’re black, which makes it easier to plan outfits,” Kaminsky said.