Gym managers offer pizza as a reward

Lucy Li, Features Editor

Eyes shut, teeth clenched and body trembling a little while attempting to lift the weights one more time; let go, take a deep breath, expecting to inhale the usual stale air, but instead it’s the smell of peperoni and cheese.

Pizza, a natural enemy of fitness, has become a monthly visitor to Planet Fitness.

According to the Planet Fitness official website, Pizza Monday has been a tradition since 1999. It happens on the first Monday of the month, and there’s also a Bagel Tuesday on the second Tuesday of the month, too.

Planet Fitness employee Max Hill, who works at the club near the Galleria,  said that the tradition started in one of their original clubs.

“I think it was the New Hampshire club. They didn’t have hot water for (some time), so they ordered pizza (for their members) to make up for it.

“(The number of pizzas we order depends on the season.) We’re busier in winters so we order about 40 pizzas, and we order about 20 in summers,” he said.

Hill said that he doesn’t think having pizza in a gym is a contradiction.

“Some people (think it’s contradicting), but I don’t think so. It’s like a cheat day.

“We’re known for general fitness. It’s like a little reward—but in moderation. Doing it every day is not good,” he said.

Hill said there isn’t a significant increase in patrons on Pizza Mondays.

“I would say it’s normal. (There) might be a little more (people), but Mondays are our busiest day of the week, so, if you look at it that way, it’s normal.

“The pizzas (are provided) from 5 to 9 p.m., when it’s the busiest,” he said.

Member Jim Grove and his wife Debra Grove, both from Johnstown, said that they have been working out at Planet Fitness for three years.

“We come (to the club) about three times a week.

“Pizza Monday was always here, but we don’t always come. (We probably come) every other month.

“It’s like a reward for being a member,” Jim Grove said.

“We like it. It’s good pizza.

“Some people say you work out and stuff yourself with pizza, but it’s not like you do it every day. It’s only once in a month,”  he said.