Symphony to offer daytime diversion

Callie Burgan, Opinions Editor

Johnstown Symphony Orchestra managers have invited students to immerse themselves in a mixture of music from famous Hollywood films and black composers.

The performance is at both 9:30 and 10:45 a.m. April 16 in the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center.

The performance is to combine music from two of the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra’s past events, “Movie Night at the Symphony” and “Hidden Gems.”

It is to feature scores from movies, including “Jurassic Park,” “Mission Impossible” and “The Lord of the Rings.”

In addition, music from lesser-known black composers such as Jessie Montgomery, Chevalier de Saint-Georges and Margaret Bonds is to be performed.

Maestro James Blachy said that this performance is a unique opportunity for students to experience the symphony during the day.

“Usually the performances are done in the evenings, so this is an interesting spin on that. Students can come if they are available in between classes,” Blachly said.

“It would be an excellent and refreshing way to start the morning,” Blachly said.

Orchestra manager Beth Pile said the event is specifically targeted toward Pitt-Johnstown students, but anyone can attend.

“We have room in the auditorium to open our annual concert for young people to students of all ages, so we are hoping to get them interested,” Pile said.

Choral director Jeff Webb said this is a show that students won’t want to miss.

“I think students are really going to enjoy the show if they choose to attend. Feel free to stick around afterward as well,” Webb said.

“We love getting to know the people who fill the audience during each performance.”

The event is free to attend. More information can be found on the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center’s website.