Sunday start is set for Easter egg hunt, party

Alyssa Coleman, News Editor

An annual Program Board egg hunt and block party is approaching with new prizes and events.

Program Board President Hanna Dixon said the egg hunt is to begin Sunday and end April 12.

“If you find an egg this year, you can pick up your prize on either April 12th or the 15th,” Dixon said. 

“That way, it’ll be more organized. The prizes will be mixed up into different categories.

“So, if you find an egg that says to pick a prize from category one, you will have options to choose from, unlike last year when, if you found an egg, it had a specific prize in it.”

Dixon said some prizes to be included this year are wireless Apple earphones, a TV and polaroid cameras.

“We will be hiding eggs on campus both day and night,” Dixon said.  “We do this thing called Rapid Fire where we will post clues on our social media pages about where eggs are.”

Dixon said she estimates around 600 students participate in the egg hunt each year and that some sports teams use it as a bonding experience.

“I’ve heard that some coaches will tell their players that, if they find an egg, they can run less laps,” Dixon said.

“It’s like a bonding experience and can get any student involved.”

Juniors Julia Pravlochak and Taylor Patino said they have participated in the egg hunt together before and that they have fun doing it.

“Last year, we found an egg at the (Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center) in front of the sign,” Pravlochak said.

“There was a slip for a Dairy Queen gift card inside.”

Patino said she agreed that the experience was fun.

“It is a lot of fun, and, if we have time this year, we’ll definitely do it again,” Patino said.

Dixon said the egg hunt is to conclude with a block party in the campus square by the gazebo.

“(The party) started last year, but wasn’t very big because it was the first year we did it and not a lot of students knew about it,” she said.

“This year, however, we are stepping it up a lot.

“We’re going to have inflatables and different games to play with them, such as Hungry Hippo, jousting and Whac-A-Mole. We’re also trying to get a mini golf course.

“We contacted different clubs and gave them the opportunity to help us out and get their names out there.”

Dixon said, if it rains, the block party will be held on the basketball court at the Wellness Center.

She also said Program Board members are working with Sodexo employees to help put the party together.

“There’s going to be lots of games and free stuff this year,” Dixon said. 

“It’s like a way to be a child again, and to have fun concluding the school year.”