New retail conveniences at Walmart


Lucy Li

Walmart’s grocery-pickup service is located at the side of the store. Customers can park their cars in the designated parking area and wait for their groceries.

Callie Burgan, Opinions Editor

Imagine ordering your groceries in your pajamas, and sitting in the comfort of your home.

You could skip shopping in the aisles and remain in your car instead while groceries are loaded into your vehicle’s trunk. 

For some Johnstown-area residents, this fantasy has become reality through the introduction of Walmart’s grocery-pickup service.

With grocery-pickup, Walmart offers an alternative to a higher cost of using grocery delivery services while still enjoying the convenience.

Walmart sales associate Adonne Baczel said the pickup service was launched in August and has been gaining popularity as more people become aware of the free feature.

“The majority of people who make use of grocery pickup are using it for convenience,” Baczel said.

Richland Township resident Kellie Lucas said that she has been using the service since it was first implemented.

 “By ordering online and having my groceries (put in my car’s trunk), I was able to stay on budget while also avoiding impulse purchases,” Lucas said.

“It also worked well for me as a working mom because I often don’t have time to make it through the grocery store every week.”

Johnstown resident Cara Lonsinger said the pickup service makes her grocery shopping experience more efficient.

“The service saves me over an hour every week.

“I start a new cart the day after I pick it up. The website saves all your information until you check out.  

“This gives the whole family the chance to go on my iPad and add to the cart.”

Lonsinger said she has also experienced the benefits of using the online service in contrast to physically entering the store.

“I save money because I am not tempted to buy junk food or toiletries I really don’t need,” she said.

“You have the choice to save a little money by seeing the difference in prices.”

Lonsinger said she had hurt her knee in October and found the pickup service to be even more convenient.

  “I can’t imagine how young mothers must love not having to take little ones out of the warm car. I know I would have loved that,” Lonsinger said.

For busy parents, senior citizens and those with medical issues, the Walmart online grocery pickup could be considered a long-awaited option to an otherwise difficult or time-consuming activity.

Johnstown resident Phyllis Orosz, 75, said she suffers from medical problems that prevent her from being able to browse through Walmart at her leisure. 

 “I enjoy shopping but am incapable of physically walking through the store for my groceries,” Orosz said.

“The pick-up service has been a vast improvement to my lifestyle.

“It is both convenient and a time-saver.”