Sweethearts’ plans differ over years


Lucy Li

The Daily Grind employee Diane Venet said daytime staff member Debbie Casteel put Valentine’s Day stickers about three weeks ago on the food stop’s shpwcase glass.

Callie Burgan, Opinions Editor

Love may be in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches, but not every couple is going to be celebrating the holiday the same way- or at all.

Bishop McCort Catholic High School junior Connor Coyle said that he was not enthusiastic about the holiday.

“My girlfriend wants to do something, but Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday, which is a weird day to do stuff,” Coyle said. 

“Personally, I don’t think I’m going to do anything, or maybe just do a quick movie. I’ll probably totally forget about it until the day comes.”

On the other hand, Pitt-Johnstown sophomore Laura Bivens said that she and her boyfriend, sophomore Christian Dreibelbis, are looking forward to celebrating their first Valentine’s Day as a couple.

“I would like to do something simple, with just he and I spending time together,” Bivens said

Senior Ian Slifko said that he works on Valentine’s Day, so he and his girlfriend, Indiana (Pa.) University senior Sarah Pitkins, have plans to go out for dinner the evening after.

“I’m excited for it. I think it will be fun to dress up and go somewhere nice,” Slifko said.

For some, Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on fond memories.

Regis Hynes, 75, of Johnstown, said that he and his wife used to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, until she died in December 2017.

“We loved to eat at Ponderosa Steakhouse. She would always give me a funny Valentine. She liked the ones with goofy dogs on them,” Hynes said.

To seasoned couples, Valentine’s Day may be treated as an ordinary day.

Robbin Lucas, of Richland Township, said that she and her husband, Bob Lucas, have been married for 42 years. 

“I find Valentine’s Day to be like almost any other day, except for a sweet card from my husband and maybe a dinner out,” Lucas said.

Lucas said that the card is her favorite part because it reaffirms the love she and her husband have grown into over the years.

“It may not be the most exciting way to spend the holiday, but sharing a life with the person you love is already the greatest treasure,” she said.

Program Board members are offering Pitt-Johnstown couples the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking a trip to see the movie Happy Death Day 2U at Richland Cinemas. 

The movie is to be shown at 9 p.m. Feb. 13 at Richland Cinemas along Theatre Drive.

Program Board member sophomore Jared McNeal said that he thinks the night will be a blast.

“I hope everyone shows up for a great date night for the lovebirds as well as a fun night with friends,” McNeal said.