Escape room and Penguins game slated


Alyssa Coleman

Program Board members are sponsoring an escape room event on Saturday.

Rachel Logan, Copy Editor

(Editor’s note: The week listed for when hockey tickets to the Penguins vs. Red Wings game in the original version of this story was erroneous. The article has been updated to reflect the correct Jan. 28 ticket sale date.)

Program Board members have reserved a day of puzzles at Escape Rooms Johnstown this Saturday. This is the third year escape room events have been held, but the first involving the downtown location.

Program Board member Reid Walter said escape rooms are fun events, and that holding this one off campus was easier for them to organize.

Member Jimmy Dougher said it also encouraged students to explore downtown Johnstown instead of staying on campus constantly.

Groups of up to 10 students can attempt one of two hourlong escape room puzzles: The Island or Downfall of the Don. 

One room is available every hour, starting at 11:30 a.m. Students can sign up until Friday at the Program Board office in G-52, in the Student Union basement. 

There is a $5 fee that is to be refunded the day of the event. 

Transportation may be provided if needed, but a parking garage above the escape room location, 130 Clinton St.,  is free to use on weekends.

Program Board Secretary Taylor Martin said Downfall of the Don, based around taking down a mafia group, is more math- and science-based, whereas The Island, based on a captain kidnapping the clue-solvers, revolves more around puzzles and riddles. 

Vice President and Treasurer Michael Fialkowski said that Program Board received a discounted price booking the rooms: $20 per person instead of the $25 listed price. The event cost $1,800 to organize nine rooms for 10 people each.

Next week, starting on Jan. 28, hockey tickets for an April 4 Penguins vs. Red Wings game are on sale. After the Activities Fair on Friday, comedian Justin Rupple is to perform in the Mt. Cat Club. 

Comedic mind reader Eric Dittleman, who has performed on “Ellen” and “America’s Got Talent,” is to have a show in February. 

Program Board members said that many acts are reserved through Neon Entertainment of Cheektowaga, N.Y., a booking agency, which gives them access to a wider variety of more famous acts than they could otherwise reserve.

Walter said that Program Board events used a little over half the group’s budget last semester, which doubled the number of events put on compared with last spring.

Student government President Sam Miller said that Program Board is given 25 to 35 percent of the student activity fee pool for club budgets, according to the senate’s constituion.

Fialkowski said that the club’s budget is being put more into purely Program Board-run events, tailored to what students say they are interested in, instead of letting clubs use programming grants for their own events as much this year.

“It’s more us putting it into making our events, more what everyone wants to do,” Fialkowski said.

Walter said Program Board events are marketed four times more than they were last year, sometimes for two different events in a weekend.

“We’ve doubled what we’re doing. Our members have doubled,” said Walter.

Fialkowski said their adviser, Campus Activities and Engagement Director Heather Hall, is mostly a moderator and guide. 

“Our motto is that it’s run by students. We’re still getting used to calling agents and stuff.”

Those interested in pitching ideas or helping set up events have been invited to show up to any Program Board meeting, which are 8 p.m. Sundays in the Cambria Room.