College Democrats worked for voters


College Democrat members (left to right) Chris Houston, Tom Reed, Matt Chasmar and Molly Verostick visited Johnstown voters last month.

Lucy Li, Copy Editor

In preparation for the Election Day on Tuesday, Pitt-Johnstown’s College Democrats worked on campus and in the Johnstown community, according to College Democrats Club President Molly Verostick.

“We worked with Owen Library (staff) to run voter registration and offered absentee ballot applications earlier in the semester.

“Another member of the club, Rebecca Stefanyak, and myself also had the opportunity to meet and talk to Mayor John Fetterman (of Braddock, Allegheny County,) who is running for Lieutenant Governor. 

“The club has also been (visiting voters) in Johnstown. We started knocking on doors about two weeks ago, and will continue to do so through Election Day,” said Verostick.

There is also a College Republicans club on campus. However, according to Verostick, there were no plans to have a debate between the College Democrats and the College Republicans.

“We have, however, discussed hosting a debate next semester. 

“We have not held a debate with the College Republicans since the College Democrats club was restarted in 2016,” she said.

In addition to visiting city voters and working with Owen Library staff to hand put absentee ballot applications, the College Democrats are also organizing a trip Saturday to Washington, D.C. 

“The trip is educational, it allows the college democrats and other students on campus to explore Washington, D.C. 

“We rented a charter bus, and I expect the bus to fill up.

“We will be getting dropped off in the (National Mall), and students can do whatever they want within that general area. 

“Washington, D.C., obviously contains a lot of political history, making it a great place for the College Democrats to explore. I also figured that a fun, yet educational trip (there) would be different since we plan to attend the Women’s March in New York City this upcoming year,” Verostick said.

Verostick said that she believed that voting is important, and she hoped that the Democrats on campus had voted.

“In my opinion, it is worth skipping class (to vote).”

College Republicans Chair Patrick Troy did not reply to an email asking for comments.