Organizations to add spook to season

Rachel Logan, Features Editor

Sorority Phi Sigma Sigma’s Haunted Trail and Dance Team’s Halloween Bash may make a dark and spooky season a little brighter.  

Most years, sorority members hold a haunted house inside their Larkspur lodge. This year, however, Philanthropy Chair Tea Smith said they wanted to use a mystery location.

The trail and house combination is to be from 7 to 10 p.m. on Halloween, next Wednesday.

“Everyone will meet at the gazebo, and we’ll walk down in groups to where (the haunted house) is,” Smith said. 

Smith said the event would still be indoors and handicapped-accessible. 

The event is to be themed after cult classic movies, including “Halloween,” “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street.” 

Smith said, last year, the theme was “Phi Sig Phobias,” and the year before that was modeled after a dollhouse. 

Smith said there would be comic relief, too. 

“So you’ll be all, ‘oh, my God,’ and then like, ‘hey, I love that movie.’”

Smith said they were hoping to have volunteers from Greek life and Pitt Players. She said actors have already been taken care of, but that volunteers are still welcome to help set up.

There is to be a $1 minimum donation and a donation bucket, Smith said. Proceeds are to go to the sorority’s charity foundation, which supports school and college readiness around the region. 

“We sponsor everything from pencils to scholarships for anyone who needs help.”

Dance Team members are to have a “Ghoulie Get-Down” Halloween party 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturday at the Log Cabin.

Team President Dominique Jefferson said the team’s parties, which are held multiple times a semester with different themes, make up for fraternity parties being closed with recycled invite lists.

“(Pitt-Johnstown) needs more campus life—we want to involve everybody instead of just a particular crowd,” Jefferson said.

A costume contest’s first place winner is to receive a gift card.

Senior Brandon DeGuerre is to DJ the event, providing hip-hop, rap and R&B music.

Jefferson said Log Cabin parties are allowed to have a capacity of 150 people at a time. 

They also have to delegate two bouncer-type members to scan student IDs at the door and one Head of the Party to make sure things run within regulation. 

The bouncers and party head are required for all campus parties by administrators.

Even if the list fills up, Jefferson said the team will continue to sell $1 bags of candy to help pay for decorating the cabin.