Talent Show is to promote diversity

Alyssa Coleman, Opinions Editor

A Monday campus talent show may encourage students to showcase unique talents and have fun before finals begin.

Black Action Society and UPJammers are hosting the event, which is to take place from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Cambria Room.

According to society Vice President Santana Lardo, the event was conceived so students could have some fun during their last month of classes.

“We hold a campuswide event every month or every other month, and we wanted to do something fun during our last month of classes before finals and summer break.

“We just want people to come and have fun and entertain and be entertained.

“Our purpose is to educate, promote, accept and respect cultural diversity,” Lardo says. “We are an organization that unifies students. This is a laid-back event with no intense competition and no winners.”

Treble in the Making, an a capella group that stemmed from UPJammers, is making its debut at the talent show.

UPJammers President Minnie Jones says she is excited for the event and hopes the performances go well.

“I hope people decide to come and watch the show,” Jones says, “It all depends on the students’ response to it that decides whether or not we can put this on again.”

Jones says that there was a lot of work to put the show together.

“First, we had to come up with a date, then we had to book the room and make sure we got the right equipment, request special microphones and start getting people to sign up.

“We will also be having refreshments, and are asking students who have any extra meals left to donate some if they can.”

Society Secretary Siani Davis says organization members wanted a creative way to promote diversity.

“We promote a level of respect between our diverse roster,” Davis says, “We wanted to do a talent show so that anyone on campus can show off their talents.”

Jones says there are many ways a student can sign up to participate in the talent show.

“If you want to sign up, you can email (Lardo), or visit the Treble in the Making Facebook page and submit the sign-up form there,” Jones says, “There will also be some days in the future when we will have sign-ups in the Student Union.”

So far, only three acts have signed up, and Lardo says she encourages any student with any talent to participate.

“We would love more acts to participate, whether it be poetry-reading, playing an instrument or magic tricks,” Lardo says, “We strongly encourage organizations to come and represent their club by putting on an act.”

If any student would like to participate, they must sign up by the Friday deadline.