Raiders hunt Pokémon

Justin Schmithorst, Circulation Director

Those who play the smartphone game Pokémon Go on campus have the option of joining a social group, called raid groups, with the Facebook Pokémon Go group UPJ Go.

The group members aim to collaborate among local players for raid bosses, which are enemies in the game that require a group of people to take them down.

When the bosses are defeated, they drop useful Pokémon that can be caught by the player using Poké-balls.

Pokémon Go is not a conventional video game because players have to walk to a certain place to get a chance to collect Pokémon.

The raid group meetings are decided when and where the next raid boss is. A member may post that a raid boss is in the area, and, whoever can go to take it down may join to help.

Raid groups have popped up all over the country since the game came out last July. Pittsburgh has Facebook Pokémon Go groups with thousands of members.

More locally, Indiana University of Pennsylvania also has a Pokémon Go group called Pokémon Go, IUP. The group has 546 members.

The Pitt-Johnstown group, UPJ Go, has 89 members. Senior Jason Molnar was one of the group’s first members.

Molnar said he has been playing the Pokémon games since he was in early elementary school, and, alongside wearing his Pokémon Go Plus wristband, he has been playing Pokémon Go since it came out.

Molnar said he enjoys that the game has promoted exercise for its players, and, while it can be difficult to coordinate for everyone in the group to go, the system is OK.