Some seniors are ready, some are not

Ashley Shriver, Contributing Writer

Pitt-Johnstown seniors have 10 days until graduation.

At least some of the graduates are likely to feel prepared at graduation.

According to Pitt-Johnstown’s website, 99 percent of education graduates report that the Education Division faculty sufficiently prepared them for their jobs.

Education adviser Donna Kowalczyk said that her current senior advisees are just as prepared and nervous as previous seniors.

The only difference is that students have more options such as additional certificates and state tests to consider.

Kowalczyk said she thinks her advisees are eager to finish their work and start earning their own money.

She said that she sees two distinct groups of advisees. The first are seniors who are ready to graduate and know their future plans.

The others are unsure of future plans. They have had too much fun on campus and are not sure what they want to do.

According to Kowalczyk, one of her previous advisees, Lauren Taylor, who graduated in December, is now pursuing a special-needs-certificate while substitute teaching.

Creative writing adviser Eric Schwerer has four senior advisees with plans. He said that he is not sure whether they are nervous or anxious to graduate.

He said he thinks they are sad to leave and are  uncertain about their future.

According to Schwerer, one of his senior advisees, Jaclyn Reed, plans on attending graduate school. Schwerer said she has won six writing awards.

Another graduating senior, Ashley Grego, plans on attending graduate school, according to Schwerer.

Biology adviser Luis Bonachea agrees that his advisees are ready to graduate. He says most of the seniors he speaks with have concrete plans.

Bonachea said he is more concerned with anxiety levels in the juniors he advises. He said he thinks entrance exams and figuring out career goals are the cause.

Bonachea said that his current senior advisees seem to be on track with previous seniors in anxiety about graduating.