Homework delayed during Wi-Fi outage

Emily Moore, Staff Writer

Technology loss has caused problems for students, including loss of Wi-Fi and cable services.

According to junior Sarah Brasili, on the evening of Jan. 31, the campus Wi-Fi went out, causing her to have a problem sending in homework due that night.

“I had an assignment due at 11:59 p.m. that night for a class, and I finished that assignment around 6:30 p.m.,” said Brasili.

“Even at that time, the Wi-Fi was not able to let me upload the zipped file to CourseWeb.”

To still get her assignment in on time, Brasili said she had to wait for some sort of fix.

“I figured I would wait a little and try again, but, still, the Wi-Fi was not working,” said Brasili.

“I ran to Blackington Hall to try to use the computers, but I was told by a fellow classmate, who tried to upload their file, that she could not upload it either.”

As time ran out before the deadline, Brasili said that she got anxious.

“At this point, I had an hour left to submit it and I was getting super anxious and really frustrated,” said Brasili.

Brasili said she lucked out at Sheetz.

“With just a little time to spare, I was able to submit the file on time,” said Brasili.

“The night was really nerve-wracking and frustrating.”

Brasili said that she does not hold Pitt-Johnstown accountable for the Wi-Fi going out.

“I understand that things happen, but it was a huge inconvenience for me,” said Brasili.

“I know myself and other students in the same class experienced similar frustrations.”

Cable television service has not been available to students who live at College Park Apartments.

According to College Park Apartment resident Samantha Christine, having no cable in her apartment causes her to miss a lot.

“I miss scheduled programs like every day of the week,” said Christine.

“I have shows that play each week, and I miss them all the time.”

For scheduled programs, some students have to find somewhere else to watch.

“My roommate and I go over to Bloomfield (Apartments) and watch our programs, literally almost every night because they have cable, and we do not,” said Christine.

“We watch ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘The Wall’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’” said Christine.

“We also watch ‘Scandal’ and ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’”

The students have been given a reason as to why they do not have cable at the College Park Apartments.

“I have been told that the roof is not done to put up a satellite disk, or something, and that is why we do not have it yet,” said Christine.