Winter fun found on and off campus

Senior Drew Berkhoudt competes in Rail Jam Friday night.

Natasha Bazika

Senior Drew Berkhoudt competes in Rail Jam Friday night.

Natasha Bazika, Chief Photographer

Even with a mild winter this year, students are having fun in the snow.

At Rail Jam last week, students had the opportunity to dust off their skis and put them to use.

Senior Jake Hofer said he regularly participates in weekend skiing and is a member of the Ski and Board Club, organizers of rail jam.

“I would love to see Rail Jam continue for years to come as it encourages students to get out and have some fun in the colder months,” Hofer said.

For those who don’t ski, there are other options. Ice skating is a popular winter sport that students can participate in off campus.

Freshman Michelle Hong said she likes to go ice skating off campus on the weekends for fun.

Hong also said she would like an ice skating rink on campus, as it would be more convenient.

There are other outdoor activities that students can partake in on campus.

Snowball fights are easily accessible to students, and everyone can participate. There is barely any skill involved, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Snowmen have been spotted on campus, as students may have built them during the night and left them to shine during the day for passer-byers.

Sophomore Kaylee McNutt said she enjoys skiing and snow tubing on weekends.

“I would definitely engage in a snowball fight on campus with friends.”