Clubs organize book drive to help library

Victoria Grattan, Features Editor

Two student organizations, the Literature League and Sigma Tau Delta honor society, are to be working together to hold a book drive that is to raise funds to purchase books that are to be donated to the Highland Community Library along Schoolhouse Road.

Ann Rea, English professor and adviser of both organizations, said that the groups are to meet Feb. 24 to go canning around campus, asking for both book and monetary donations.

Students are to use the collected money to purchase additional books from the local Goodwill. They were also encouraged to donate any of their own books that they do not need anymore.

“I suggested that the Sigma Tau Delta students and Literature League students – there are lots of overlaps between the two societies – might want to contact the faculty in the Humanities Division (to ask if) they could donate books, too,” Rea said.

Literature League President Victoria Snyder said that they plan to purchase a variety of books for donation.

“This is Literature League’s first community service project. The idea was thought of at a (Literature League) meeting,” Snyder said.

“The (Highland Community Library) is in need of all types (of books), from children to adult. Anything is welcome. Depending on the books we get from donation, we will most likely purchase the other kinds.”

For example, if students receive mainly textbook donations while canning, they are to purchase children and adolescent genre books from Goodwill, Snyder said.

According to Snyder, there is to be a place at for attendees to donate books at Golgonooza, an upcoming theater production on Feb. 24 and 25 beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Literature League and Sigma Tau Delta member Jeffrey Adams said that someone from either organization is to contact the library to ask what kinds of books they need.

“We are pretty much just trying to get enough money to make a sizable book donation to the library so that the community has more literature and information readily accessible,” Adams said.

Sigma Tau Delta President Jacob Williamson-Rea said that Sigma Tau Delta often does fundraising and community service, but this is the first time that they will be working with another organization.

“I hope we manage to accumulate lots of books. I think it’s great, and hopefully this book drive can become a regular activity,” Williamson-Rea said.