Some man buns hibernate for the winter

Bre Berkebile, Staff Writer

Some men are sporting a new hairstyle around Pitt-Johnstown’s campus: the man bun.

Sophomore Joshua Calandrella said that he was unaware of the rising popularity of the man bun when he first grew out his hair.

According to Calandrella, he couldn’t style his hair the way he wanted to at first due to its in-between length.

Now, he said, he only wears his hair up for certain occasions.

“Most times when I put it up, I’m cooking, playing guitar or doing something active.”

He said that putting his hair up in the summer was convenient, as well.

Calandrella said that his hair inspirations are Johnny Depp, Harry Styles and David Bowie.

Sophomore Kiel Rutters, who also sports a man bun, said that his hair inspiration comes from the Welsh soccer player Gareth Bale, but that it is the least convenient hairstyle he has had.

He said styling is hard during cold weather.

“Most of the winter I wear hats because of how staticky and wild my hair is when I don’t use any product.”

Rutters said he originally grew his hair out for high school, but decided to keep the top long for college rugby.

Junior Jacob Williamson-Rea said one reason why he cut his hair and chopped off the man bun was because of his job bartending and waiting tables; he said he was tired of fixing his hair in front of customers.

Fixing it while playing soccer was also a pain, he said.

He said he does not regret cutting his hair.

“I would rather have it short anyway.”

Williamson-Rea said he is not sure why the man bun is just now becoming a big thing because there have always been men with long hair.

“Now that the style has been coined, ‘man bun,’ it has some sort of weird stigma attached to it,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the flow had to go.”

Sophomore Morgan Shumaker said that when it comes to the man buns, some guys can pull it, off but others can’t.

She said if a guy is going to try the man bun, he should go all out.

“If you’re going to go for it, go big.”

Senior Nicholas Collins said that the man bun can be a good look if it is more rugged.

“It can’t look like it has that Pantene, Pro-V look.”

The man bun should have a beard to accompany it, Collins said.

He said that he personally doesn’t have the right look for the man bun.