Students prepare for new semester goals

Bre Berkebile, Staff Writer

Spring semester has officially begun, and students and professors are getting organized for the weeks to come.

Junior Ellory Dabbs said she makes a checklist of the school work due that week on Sunday to help keep her organized during the semester.

She said she does as much as she can ahead of time so there is less stress.

“That way, when life happens, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Writing down major due dates for exams and midterms also helps with organization, Dabbs said.

When it comes to taking notes, Dabbs said she uses two different colored pens, one for headlines and the other for what is being covered in class, and that she starts on a new sheet of paper each day.

She said where she sits in class is important.

“I always sit in the front so I pay attention.”

Dabbs said her goal for this semester is to maintain her GPA.

Sophomore Bradley Walker said that she keeps her classes organized by day in one big binder.

She said she has a specific way to organize within her binder.

“I mostly label things. Labeling is a big thing for me.”

Walker said that when it comes to class, she likes to sit in the center.

“I’m usually in the middle toward the front because the professor seems to stand in the middle.”

Walker said it’s nice to have friends in class to use as references and to talk with before class starts.

Professor Marissa Landrigan said she sets everything up for the semester at the beginning to help with organization.

She said she keeps a binder for each class and also uses digital organization like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Breaking up big tasks into smaller tasks also helps, Landrigan said.

She said a goal she has for the semester is to organize open hours.

“One thing I’d like to do is schedule my day.”

Landrigan said she keeps a notebook for daily things and makes to-do lists, but that scheduling her day will help get those things done during her spare time.