Spiritual students find acceptance in group

Bre Berkebile, Staff Writer

Students gathered in Whalley Chapel for Faith Share last Tuesday to experience a break from pressures and enjoy a time of fellowship hosted by Campus Catholic Ministry.

The sanctuary was filled with singing, dancing and laughter as sophomore Shaun Ocipa’s jovial singing voice rose above, and he made rounds dancing with student attendants.

Ocipa said he first found out about Faith Share when leader Catholic campus minister LaDonna McCrary told him about it. The group meets every Tuesday.

“I was searching for somewhere to fit in on campus,” said Ocipa.

It provides an environment where students don’t have to feel pressured to be someone else to fit in, said sophomore and Catholic Campus Ministry student president Nick Wolf.

Wolf said what makes Faith Share unique is that there is never a moment where a student doesn’t feel included.

“The group (Faith Share attendees) is beyond welcoming.”

No matter who you are or what you’ve done, you’ll fit right in.”

Wolf said he encourages students to attend.

Senior Bryce Henny said he started attending Faith Share this year and that he wishes he would’ve joined sooner.

He said he came for friendships and to seek God through that.

According to Henny, he has been involved with other campus groups before where no one had tried to build relationships.

“It seemed as if everyone was always worried about the next thing they had to get to.”

At Faith Share everyone is there for each other, and no one is ever mean or judgmental, said Henny.

McCrary said this is her goal for Faith Share.

“Faith Share has always been a place where students can come share their faith in a non-threatening atmosphere.”

McCrary said there is a sense of community, like a family away from home, and you’re missed if you aren’t there.

She said she believes this is what makes Faith Share special.