‘Sugar Cookie’ gets the black sparkly boa win at Drag Show


Janel Ganaway

Student Grant Kristo performs a mash-up of two songs,“Ignition” and “Do You”.

Brooke Boyer, Co-Features Editor

There was standing room only Friday in the Student Union’s Cambria Room at the first Pitt-Johnstown Drag Show. More than 200 people attended the event hosted by the Pitt Players, raising a total of $609 for the Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center in Windber.

Throughout the week before the show, $214 was raised through penny jar donations. The Pitt Players are to donate 90 percent of the proceeds to the Murtha Center. Ten percent is to be used to cover the show.

Student Elijah Brittingham was in full drag garb, having his nails painted 10 minutes before the show.

The first performer was senior Doyle Yernaux, with the stage name Angelina Hoely. He started his interview on stage with hostess Sadie Sprankle by talking about men.

“I am picky with men; if they just want me for sex, I will slam the door in their face.”

Next up was student Sam Miller performing as Sammi, naming her hobbies as being a humanitarian worker and being sexy.

Sammi wore a tight black dress, her toenails painted, while lip-syncing and strutting on stage to “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor until she jumped off stage to interact with audience members.

Sammi’s drag twin, Jailbait, sophomore Thomas Messer, was up next in 6-inch heels.  Jailbait said her idol said Miley Cyrus.

“The new one, no 2008 (trash).”

Drag queen mother of the duo Sammi and Jailbait, Cleo Patrick, student Patrick Cadden, admitted her favorite was Sammi.

While Cleo Patrick danced and lip synched “Someone Like You” by Adele, both Sammi and Jailbait came on stage. Sammi and her mother bonded when Jailbait was waved away while seeking attention from her mother.

Senior Elijah Brittingham performed as Sugar Cookie, admitting she enjoyed doing the cha-cha dance with her cousin, singer Drake.

While lip-syncing the song “Flawless” by Beyoncé, drag queen Almond Joy, student Demar Watson, joined Sugar Cookie on stage with a giant hoop skirt that she twirled around on stage.

Almond Joy performed next, dancing and lip-syncing to a grunge-rock song. With a flower in her hair, she jumped off stage and pulled fake knives and scalpels as she creeped around the audience while throwing Almond Joy candy bars into the crowd. 

The final performer, Kristolyn, sophomore Grant Kristo, arrived on stage in skinny jeans with a plaid tied shirt and a beanie.

While being interviewed by Sprankle she said she hadn’t smoked marijuana.

“I have not had a certain plant that is legal in some places today.”

Named Drag Queen winner was Sugar Cookie, Brittingham, who was presented with a crown, flower and black, sparkly feather boa.

Watson said to prepare for the show, he just borrowed a hoop skirt and costume. He said he bought fake eyelashes, makeup and a flower to complete his look for the show.

All of the drag queen participants had taken part in the show in support of someone they knew who had battled breast cancer.

Kristo said on stage that he did this for his mother who died due to breast cancer.

Sprankle teared up as she thanked attendees and participants for helping the cause.

“We are doing this for the women who might not have the chance to dress up and look pretty. It’s important,” Sprankle said.

Sprankle said she didn’t think the turnout would have been so big and was pleased with the attendance. She said she had hoped to continue the Pitt-Johnstown Drag Show would continue in upcoming years.

Audience member and student Liz Lischick was surprised by how good the guys looked.

“A lot of the drag queens looked better in a dress than I would; that’s embarrassing,” Lischick said.