Beer tent, dance are new to Homecoming


Brooke Boyer

Samantha Albert and Ryan Vander Wagem dress in props at the photo booth.

Brooke Boyer, Copy Editor

Two events added to the Homecoming schedule this year, the Big Tent Event and the first homecoming dance caught some attention from Homecoming attendees.

The Big Tent Event Friday drew in many upperclassmen and alumni, the all-you-can-drink beer was a feature that attracted those 21 and older.

Entry to the Big Tent Event was cost $5. Included in the ticket price was one meal and beer, Sam Adams Oktoberfest and Miller Lite.

The tent was ran out of beer by 7 p.m., two hours after it opened. People under 21 were allowed into the tent but had to wear an identifying wristband.

Former student Jess Belmonte said she wished there were more than just two beer options. She said she wanted to see more of a variety but was glad to have the choice to drink at all.

Senior Nicole Gross sat happily at the table with her Kappa Zeta sisters and said she was enjoying herself and would like to see more of these kinds of events.

Some students sipped on their beer as they were playing the only game offered in the fenced off tent, corn hole.

While most enjoyed the event, at least one had some grievances about the plainness of the event.

“It wasn’t anything special. We need something to snack on, like chips and guacamole,” alumna Katelynn Doyle said.

Doyle added that she wished there was a mixed drink option and not just beer.

Senior Sam Lauderback had just come back from his internship in the woods on campus.

“After digging holes in the woods for three hours, it’s nice to be able to come back on campus and have a beer.”

The first Homecoming dance was held at Ace’s Lounge in the cities West End in Johnstown, each ticket only cost $2 for students and $5 for guests.

There were 15 tables set up and decorated, accompanied by a DJ booth and the most popular aspect of the dance, a photo booth as well as a long table full of various snacking food options.

Director of Campus Life Sherri Rae said she did not want to spend more than $5,000 on the first homecoming dance, being cautious with the money being used from the Programming Board.

Only 30 pre-sale tickets were sold for the event, a pay-at-the-door option also was available.

The event was aimed to please all students but more specifically for underclassmen who can’t go out and drink said Rae.

“If the event goes well, it could become an annual event, I want the event to grow,” Rae said.

To advertise for the event, Rae said she tweeted pictures before the event to the students.

Sophomore student Scarlett Oller said she loved the excuse to get dressed up and go out for a dance.

“I’m bummed more people didn’t show up … I’d like to see more dances in the future,” Oller said.

Oller’s date, Holden Jones, a at Pitt-Johnstown junior, said this was his first time going to a formal event sponsored by Pitt-Johnstown, and that he was enjoying himself.

Students sung from their tables as songs by Queen and Carly Rae Jepson blasted through speakers.

Freshman Samantha Albert said her favorite part of the dance was the photo booth.

Although the dance was not well attended, the students who were there enjoyed themselves as they piled into the frame of the photo booth and line-danced on the dance floor.