Professional guidance given to build resumes

Professional guidance given to build resumes

Cody Trabert works in the Career Services office, where students can seek advice on building a resume.

Nick Zinovenko, Staff Writer

For students, especially seniors, resume-building is both an important and daunting task.

Career Services Executive Director Bob Knipple said that the biggest challenge many face is the simple matter of determining what to put on a resume.

“A lot of students have trouble identifying the important things to put in their resume, and wind up underselling themselves,” Knipple said.

Knipple said that a resume is a chance for the writer to market themselves and that it should include noteworthy schooling, internships and past jobs.

Proofreading is also an essential step in the process.

“My No. 1 piece of advice when writing a resume is to not only proofread it yourself but to have others look it over as well,” Knipple said.

Pitt-Johnstown Career Services Office staff offer assistance in writing and proofreading resumes.

“Organization is also key,” Knipple said. “The resume should have a professional, easy-to-follow layout.”

Yet the act of writing the resume is not the only thing some struggle with.

Knipple said it is also important to take advantage of opportunities that will provide the experiences one writes on a resume.

“Not everything you do will be useable on a resume, but internships, job-shadowing and other things of that nature will only benefit you.”

Career Services Assistant Director Janna Kohler said resumes should be updated frequently.

Kohler said such updates would include new contact information, work history and schooling.

Kohler also stressed the importance of standing out.

“Not one resume is ever the same, and that’s a good thing. Employers will have a lot to sort through, so you want yours to stand out in the crowd,” Kohler said.

For students unsure of how their resume should look, Kohler said she encourages students to access the Pitt-Johnstown website, where resume examples can be found in the RealWorld Career Services section under Campus Life.

Faculty and academic advisers also are excellent resources to resume review. Many have knowledge specific to a major or field to provide advice on resume components and organization.

“Workshops are offered throughout the semester to help students … separate programs (are offered) if a class or organization requests it. In addition, we offer drop-in help to students,” Kohler said.