Catholic event spurs discussion again

Milana Ballard, Features Editor

The Catholic Campus Ministry members’ 6-Pack Program event, “What is this Jesus,” was held on campus for the first time Jan. 28.

Normally, the event is held at a restaurant, but again, members will hold 6-Pack at 7 p.m. this Wednesday in Pitt-Johnstown’s Whalley Chapel.

The evening consists of socializing, eating and listening to speakers’ stories of God.

LaDonna McCrary, Catholic Campus Ministry leader, said the idea of the 6-Pack Program came from Theology Untapped, a young adult Christian group.

The events allow people from different religions to join together and see the similarities in their beliefs rather than the differences while also growing in their faith.

“We come together as a community of believers,” said McCrary.

At “What is this Jesus,” at least five out of approximately 20 attendees were not Catholic.

Freshman Sydney Hamilton is a member of the Church of the Brethren. She said she had felt welcomed.

The most recent speaker was the Rev. Mark Begly. He is an adjunct professor at St. Vincent College and also is responsible for holding Mass at Westmont’s Mother of Sorrows Church.

After attendees filled their cups with soda or water and their plates with stuffed shells and salad, they took seats waiting for Begly to begin his presentation.

Begly began by having guests look up a Bible verse, Mathew 4:17 to explain why Jesus Christ is here.

He asked what people feel when they think Christ is present.

Some guests responded love, while others said blessings. The answers varied, but there was a lot of participation in between chewing and sipping.

Begly continued speaking, having guests look up verses and questioning them throughout his presentation. He used 11 verses for examples.

The presentation wasn’t all serious; Begly added some humorous jokes to lighten the mood at times to keep the audience members attentive and relaxed.

“Everyone was remarkably attentive,” said Begly. “I would definitely come back to speak again.”

Senior Steven Hall has attended 22 6-Pack events.

“It’s a nice night off to enjoy food and discussion,” said Hall.

Hall plans to attend the next 6-Pack led by Scott Little — an orthodontist and deacan who will be speaking about what ignited his faith– and is excited to hear what he has to say.

“I recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in their faith, and I hope it continues for years to come,” said Hall.

After Little speaks, McCrary said she is planning to have one more speaker before the semester ends to wrap up the 6-Pack Program.

To find out more information about the 6-Pack Program, one can email McCrary at [email protected]