Program offers advice and training for health

Eden Cohen, Managing Editor

University employees are cooperating to bring healthier lifestyle options to students.

The program Healthy U is an initiative for Pitt-Johnstown students. According to a flier, the program is to last for six weeks and started Jan. 21.

Sodexo marketing coordinator Abalene Stull said the program is for anyone with nutritional goals, such as maintaining or losing weight or eating healthily.

“Basically, our goal is help folks to make healthier choices,” she said.

Stull said the program is a cooperative effort among employees at the Health and Counseling Center, Wellness Center and Sodexo.

Health and Counseling Center employees are to address students’ health concerns, Stull said. They are to weigh students weekly and offer dieting advice and assistance.

Stull said these consultations will be kept confidential.

Wellness Center employees are to create personalized training programs for students, according to a flier.

Stull said they are to also encourage program participants to utilize upcoming fitness events.

Sodexo employees are to be available for weekly discussions with participants, according to a flier.

They also are to help create weekly menus for students.

Sodexo dietitian Beth Winthrop also is to consult with students, Stull said. Winthrop is currently in Rhode Island, Stull said, but she is to communicate through emails and video conferences.

Winthrop is to evaluate students’ goals and menu plans as well, Stull said.

Last year’s program was called “Beat the Freshman 15.”

Sodexo general manger Victor Costlow said last year’s program had about 30 participants. As of last Wednesday, eight students signed up for this year’s program, Stull said.

Last year, a dietitian stood at a cafeteria table with healthy snacks, Stull said. She said that seemed to produce interest in students, and she hopes to do the same some time this year.

Incentives are to be offered this year, Costlow said. According to a flier, a student receives a raffle ticket for every program she/he attends.