Fair has few attendees but many tables

Fair has few attendees but many tables

Catholic Campus Ministry members are ready to speak with perspective members during a Jan. 11 activities fair. More information about the organization is available by contacting LaDonna McCrary at [email protected]

Milana Ballard, Features Editor

Nearly all student organizations provided representatives for the Jan. 11 activities fair in the Student Unions Cambria Room.

Sherri Rae, Student Life director, said out of the 40 tables set up for organizations, 38 were filled with representatives.

Despite the high turnout of club representatives, students interested in joining them seemed few and far between.

Thomas Plutt, Role-Playing Games Club president, said that last semester at the activities fair, club members had approximately 30 students sign up with new interest.

“We had only one or two names on our list from this semester’s activities fair,” said Plutt.

Plutt said he felt the Role-Playing Games Club did not have enough time to fully prepare for the fair.

Among the students who attended the fair to learn about different organizations was Pitt-Johnstown junior Joseph Walker.

“I didn’t even know about the fair until I was walking past it in the Student Union,” said Walker.

“I signed up for (business fraternity) Alpha Kappa Psi. I was surprised that there were not more students walking around signing up for clubs.”

“The only emails students received about the fair were the ones attached to the ‘Welcome back to the spring semester’ emails. It probably would have helped if it was its own email,” said Plutt.

While some club representatives were attempting to promote their organizations to the small crowd of students with regular informational signs and posters, other organizations offered different giveaways to students who may showed interest.

Mini Nestle Crunch bars were given by representatives, like the Campus Catholic Ministry representatives.

Acacia Fraternity members sizzled bacon for students to attract interest interest in the men’s fraternity.

Other organizations’ members used the time to promote upcoming events.

Victoria Mercado, WUPJ Radio Club president, advertised the radio program’s annual Lip Sync Competition.

The competition is to be held 9 p.m. Thursday in the Student Union’s Cambria Room.