Students want sauna out, computers in

Kaitlin R. Greenockle, News Editor

532 polled students said they want a computer lab and printers installed in a second-floor Living and Learning Center space.

The space is now occupied by an inoperable sauna that was closed down fall of 2013.

Housing Director Mark Dougherty said he would look into it, but, if it is possible, and it requires significant space renovations, it won’t get done until the summer.

In a survery conducted by Student Government’s Student Affairs Committee members, respondents were given the options of a study area, a convenience store or a printing/computer lab.

In the space now occuppied by the unusable sauna there also was the option for students to write in a suggestion.

The small printing/computer lab won with 246 votes.

The committee received some other interesting suggestions such as a coffee shop, doggy day care and a stripper pole, according to Amstrid Gomez, committee chair.

According to Dougherty, the reasoning behind not fixing the sauna was not becaues of cost, but the lack of interest and lack of sauna operator.

Student Government Association senators voted unanimously to recommend the printing/computer lab to Dougherty.

Last Thursday, Gomez met with Dougherty to present him with the proposal.

The committee and volunteers had gone door to door in all the first year residence halls and the Living and Learning Center.

Their reasoning to limit the survey to those locations was that most freshmen are likely to live in the Living and Learning Center next year and current residents of the Living and Learning Center may also live there next year, Gomez said.

Dougherty told Gomez he is going to have to talk to all other administrators who would be involved to determine the cost, according to Gomez.

A major department that he needs to have input from is Information Technology because of the need for computers and printers, Dougherty said.

“We have a definite desire to use that space,” Dougherty said.

He said that he is going to get the discussion of doing something with the sauna started.

“It will come down to see how much time and resources we will need… to see how feasible this project is,” Dougherty said.

He said, if the space needs major changes, it is to be most likely a summer project.

“I would expect not to have an answer (to the proposal) until next term,” Dougherty said.