Clubs’ budget process to start up in January

Milana Ballard, Opinions Editor

January each year, organization leaders get together with Student Government Association Allocations committee members to discuss the terms and guidelines for submitting a budget.

The budget requests from each organization leader are typically due the end of each February. The requests are then put under review by the Allocations committee.

“We look for specific proof and breakdowns of the items or events clubs are requesting money for,” said Allocations chair Madison Nick.

When reviewing the requests, Nick said the committee members take into consideration the work put forth by the organization members such as completed community service, fundraising and campus involvement.

“We then decide what we feel is an appropriate amount of money to allocate to the club. We can deny clubs and organizations money if they do not have proof,” said Nick.

Another way organization leaders can obtain funding from the allocations committee members is by sending an emergency allocations request.

“After the emergency allocation is received by the Allocations committee, it is discussed in our weekly meetings at 8:00 p.m. on Monday nights in the Student Government Association office,” said Nick.

Organization leaders can send in only one budget request per year, but are not limited to the amount of emergency allocation requests.

The most amount of money granted to an organization for the 2014-2015 school year was $141,860 to the Programming Board members. Following was the Ice Hockey Club members with $52,206.

With these funds, the organization members are allowed to use the money for different purposes like hosting events or purchasing supplies.

Pitt-Johnstown Cheerleaders were granted $37,625 while Habitat for Humanity members were granted $17,800.

Some organization members that were not granted as much funds still have visions for what they could potentially have used the money for.

“If we had extra funds, I would like to use them to create a greater awareness of the needs within our own community,” said Steph Root, Phi Sigma Sigma’s president.

“I would like to see us put the money back towards the community and our philanthropy,” said Root.

“We would really like to buy more books for the club,” said Johnathan Nguyen, treasurer of Role-Playing Games Club.

President of Role-Playing Games Club Thomas Plutt said he thinks it could be beneficial for club members if they were granted more funds to purchase supplies.