Guest guides students through movie

Guest guides students through movie

Junior Erin Cain reads over audience participation guidelines at a showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Eden Cohen, Managing Editor

Programming Board members brought a popular Halloween tradition to campus with an interactive showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” Friday.

Board members invited Owen Standley and his wife Cannette Standley to walk attendees through the popular audience participation moves.

Approximately 20 attendees were encouraged to dance the Time Warp, wear newspapers on their heads and shout insults at the screen.

Owen Standley said he performed in two Rocky Horror live productions, once as an ensemble member and once as the male lead, Brad Majors. His wife Cannette, he said, is an avid fan.

Before the movie was shown, Owen Standley told attendees how Rocky evolved into an interactive experience.

Theaters used to run midnight showings of movies, he said, and Rocky was pushed to these showings because of its obvious eccentricity.

The same people would see Rocky repeatedly until they memorized the lines, and people started shouting clever responses to the dialogue, he said.

A comradery grew among Rocky’s fanbase, he said, which made Rocky the cult classic it is today.

Junior Erin Cain was familiar with the classic before attending.

“I can almost quote it word for word,” she said.

Cain said she has been to one midnight showing, but knows only some audience participation moves.

Cain said she decided to attend because she wasn’t doing anything else and she loves the movie. She found out about the showing, she said, by seeing it written on a blackboard.

Junior Cassie Cook said she had never seen Rocky before. The first time she said she heard of it was in the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

“Erin (Cain) told me to try not to understand it, just to enjoy it,” she said.

Cook said she came because she saw fliers and was interested.

“I heard people talk about it before, and I wanted to come figure it out,” she said.

As far as advertising, Programming Board president Amstrid Gomez said they tweeted more frequently about the event than usual. They also hung posters in the academic buildings and Student Union.

Programming Board live entertainment chair Kathleen Blough said they chose to show Rocky because of its Halloween theme.

“It’s a fun Halloween-esque movie where people can interact,” she said.

The Standleys, Blough said, are Student Life director Sherri Rae’s friends who wanted to help.

Cook said she liked Rocky, but wasn’t prepared for it.