Trail cleanups are getting organized

Emily Colella, Contributing Writer

Pitt-Johnstown is the largest of the five Pitt campuses with 655 acres. Only a fraction of that is developed, and the Pitt-Johnstown campus has many acres of wooded land.

Trails wind through the woods on campus for students to enjoy, but it is unclear who is responsible for the trails upkeep.

Student Government Association  members are making an effort to take care of campus trails. With participation from outdoor club members, fraternity and sorority members, and residence assistants, associaton members are planning a Greek Life Trail Clean-up Day.

Aside from keeping the trails clean, the event’s purpose is to help freshmen get to know the greeks and get started gaining community-service experience, according to association member Nick Digorgio.

All students are being encouraged to participate.

“ I believe Greek life has a tendency to retain a poor image on this campus,” sophomore Digiorgio said

“In hopes of shining light on the important things they contribute, I hope incoming freshman will observe and appreciate their positive attitudes and hard work towards improving their home, Pitt-Johnstown,” he said.

Digorgio is association parlimentarian and Campus Development Comittee chairman. Committee members are in charge of the cleanup day organization.

The day is to take place at 1:00 p.m. on Oct 19. The cleaning should be finished at 5 p.m., when a dinner for participants is to take place at the gazebo near the Student Union.

While student government members have been taking an active role in trail maintenance, other organizations members have been planning to take action.

Also, the Environmental Sustainability Club keeps UPJ green in a variety of ways.

“We are a club that focuses on bringing better recycling and greener initiatives to campus,” said Emma Gyurisin, club president.

She confirmed that her club’s members are in the planning stages of a similar trail cleanup.