Wiser ones extend tips to newcomers

Peijia Zhang, Contributing Writer

Upperclassmen and faculty members shared some information with new students who look forward to assimilating into the Pitt-Johnstown community. 

Mathematics Professor Linda Tully said one tactic to find numbered classrooms in Biddle Hall is to stand facing the flag. All the lower numbered classrooms are on the right. The same rule applies to Krebs Hall.

Some upperclassmen avoid certain food in the cafeteria. They include eggs, mixed vegetables and greasy food. Mashed potatoes, tofu and pizza also should be avoided.

Among all, pizza is the most controversial. Mathematics professor Victoria Czarcek said she usually has a pizza slice.

“Pepperoni and buffalo chicken are toppings worth trying,” said Sodexo staff member Magglie Schatzdorfer.

Juniors Erin Cain and Donna Li, however, said they avoid cafeteria pizza.

Another tip is that Owen Library has an online link at library.pitt.edu from which one can search the collections of all the University of Pittsburgh libraries and databases.

Paul Bond, librarian, said students can always ask for help from librarians.

“We can help with anything from questions about where things are, to in-depth research consultations,” he said.

Academically, many upperclassmen said getting acquainted with your professors is strategic.

“A professor helped me correct my grammar errors on my paper. Many professors are happy to be friends with you,” said Cain.

In a College Academic Success class, instructor Kara Borsa tells her students one can request two free tutors every semester.

“Getting a tutor at the Student Success Center can raise your grade for that class half a letter grade,” said Borsa.

“Don’t wait until mid-term exam finishes to fulfill tutoring requests, when everybody starts doing so. It becomes harder to find a tutor then.”

Another suggestion junior Sydney Delmaster gives is to eat and exercise regularly.

“Don’t skip meals, stay healthy,” she said.

Starting a workout plan, according to Assistant Athletic Director Katrin Wolfe, requires commitment.

“Find some time every day to set aside for physical activities that increase your heart rate,” she said.

Avoid the busy hours in the Wellness Center, if possible, which is from late afternoon to 9 p.m., said Wolfe.

Besides physical health, the Office of Health and Counseling deals with mental health-related issues.

Fliers promoting the office detail that the services are confidential and free of charge. One can make counseling appointments in G-10 Student Union by calling 814-269-8119, or sending an email to [email protected]

Also, a successful student is selective with extracurricular activities and doesn’t overload oneself.

“Create a weekly schedule that includes specific time to study for each class.

Fascinating conversations often make you procrastinate on your work,” said Professor Czarnek.

“Don’t say yes to everything,” said sophomore Forrest Newman.