Cat club menu altered

Kaitlin Greenockle, News Editor

Food for many college students is at the top of their priority list, especially food that they enjoy. 

Late night snacks tend to be popular among students. However, many students have the expectation for fried and unhealthy food at such an hour.

In past years, The Mountain Cat Club had been the optimal location for late night greasy cravings.

This fall, club managers introduced a temporary menu that was supposed to transform into a permanent, healthier menu. This healthier change didn’t add to the club’s success.

Junior Katie Fink, a club employee for more than a year, said she has noticed significantly fewer customers after the menu change.

“My first night back this year, I only had five to 10 customers when last year I would have at least 25 to 30,” Fink said.

Chef Manager Patrick Hussey said the menu has changed because at least some of the faculty wanted healthier food at the club.

Hussey said the old menu had healthy options, but there were complaints of the menu being outdated.

“Who wants healthy food at 11 p.m.?” said Hussey.

Sodexo is mainly here for the students, and, with the club hours 7 p.m. to midnight, students are their main concern, Hussey said.

Sophomore Helena Woolslayer said that she has been to the club two or three times this year and was dissatisfied with the menu change.

“Since I had what was on the menu last year, I was disappointed in the portions they have now,” Woolslayer said.

There are only six food options and one dessert option on the new menu. None of which Woolslayer enjoys, she said.

When Fink first saw the new temporary menu, she said she looked at her manager and told her that it would never last.

“First shift I worked, the comment box was overflowing, so I took it and dumped in on the office desk,” Fink said.

During work, Fink’s customers never took out their frustrations with the menu on her.

She said she told her customers that, if they had something to say about the food, fill out a comment for the box.

The new menu apparently is not going to last.

“We will be going back to the old menu on Sunday,” Retail Supervisor Tina Galloway said.