Commuter club’s efforts renews room

Kaitlin Greenockle and Victoria Mercado

Pitt-Johnstown commuter club leaders have renewed their efforts to resurrect the club with a Sept. 2 meeting that attracted about 15 students. 

The club’s purpose is to help commuters get involved in campus life. Membership is not time-consuming with approximately 3 meetings a semester.

To give commuters more benefits on campus, club officers and the advisor, Jeanne Susko, oversaw renovation of a Larkspur Lodge commuter room.

Located in the lodge basement, the room has been re-painted, furnished and cleaned. It includes lockers, lounge chairs and a bathroom.

A small flat-screen TV, a microwave and a refrigerator also are available.

An ID card swipe is required for room entry.

Both Susko and the club’s president, Megan Hirtz, agreed that the room is not yet perfect, but they are making improvements as they go.

“A space to call their own,” is how Susko described the commuter room.

Susko said 90 commuter students signed their names on the club’s list at an Aug. 27 activities fair.

“The meetings will be like meet and greets to talk about interests and raise any concerns the commuters may have, so giving them a voice on campus,” Susko said.

Susko said club officers feel that it is important for commuters to first identify with each other and then to come together with the community.

Commuters typically have different priorities than residents, said Susko. Mostly commuters don’t just have school to worry about, but also work, family and getting to and from campus.

“As years go on, I hope the club evolves by making the campus better for themselves,” said Hirtz.

The club is to continue to have meetings throughout the semester, along with some events like Commuter Appreciation Day Oct. 8. The day is to be held in the Mountain Cat Club and The Zone from 11am to 2 pm.

The event is to have food, games and prizes for commuters.