Radio members to host lip-sync show

Bri Aultz, Copy Editor

A visit to the Pitt-Johnstown Student Union is often accompanied by the spirited tunes and talk of the university’s student run WUPJ Radio station.

Despite the entertainment our student radio hosts provide, WUPJ radio members are seeking both technological improvements and participation for the station.

Station members are raising funds for new equipment and working to spread the word about their organization.

Radio president Jim Kaufman, a junior, says the organization does not have a large budget, but they do their best to work with what they have.

“Increasing our budget and awareness of our club have been our biggest initiatives,” Kaufman says.

Of the equipment needed, a scanner to access the Student Union during after-hours and on weekends is a top priority for station members.

“A lot of the things we would want to upgrade would be rather costly. The scanner alone would cost $1,000, but it would give our members the convenience of accessing the studio at any time.”

Kaufman says the station has provided him the great experience of having his own show.

Radio vice president Victoria Mercado, junior, laments the low student involvement in the station.

“We have 32 people signed up, and only six show up at meetings,” Mercado says.

She is baffled about why students would pass up such an opportunity for broadcast experience.

“You can do your own show, and you can earn practicum credits,” Mercado says.

Kaufman says all students are welcome.

“(It’s) not just communication majors. I’m a Business Management and Marketing major and I think it is just something fun to do.”

Ashley Back, a student show host at the station, agrees that technological repairs are needed to help the station thrive. She says that computer equipment is much needed, as the current equipment is outdated.

Back says variety shows are popular among student radio hosts. This includes her own variety show, “The Unquiet Hour,” which is a combination of alternative music and her own eclectic views of her world.

Talk radio, political segments and sports talk are also included in the WUPJ Radio mix, according to Back.

Station members are striving to make improvements to the station. A unique fundraising opportunity March 30 will allow students to showcase their talent and aid in WUPJ’s mission.

A lip-sync contest is to take place at 7:30 p.m. on March 30 in the Cambria Room. Admission is $3. Contestants are asked to pay a $10 holding fee, which they will get back at the event.

Despite some current setbacks, Kaufman seems optimistic about the station’s future.

“We have discussed other possible events to promote awareness, and want to increase interest in our club. The Lip-Sync contest is just the beginning for us.”