Mr. UPJ pageant to continue tradition

Amstrid Gomez, Features Editor

Alpha Gamma Delta sorority members are to host their annual Mr. UPJ pageant at 7p.m., April 10 in the Cambria Room.

Junior Kathleen Blough, an Alpha Gamma Delta member, said she will be an escort and speaker at the event.

Proceeds from the event go to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, which helps diabetes patients.

Blough said there are 14 participants, which is a higher number than past years in which there are usually no more than 10.

She said two weeks before the show there is to be a Penny Wars competition.

UPJ community members will be able to put pennies in a jar for their favorite candidate, to raise more money for the foundation.

The Penny Wars result is used to crown the Spirit Award champion during the competition.

Blough said there are four parts to the competition; sportswear, talent and formalwear, as well as an interview portion.

The competition has been held in the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center in the past, but it has been moved to the Cambria Room.

“We felt more students would come if it were in the Cambria Room and it’s more budget-friendly,” said Blough.

She said renting the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center costs around $700 or more and the Cambria Room is free.

Participant andsophomore Michael Uranker is to represent Programming Board.

Uranker said he chose to participate because it’s something nice to be involved in, as well as a fun opportunity.

Uranker said he is still unsure of what he will be doing for each section of the competition.

“I am sure it will be something good.”

Uranker said he is particularly excited for one section of the competition.

“I think I am most excited for the talent section because that will probably be the funniest out of all of them.”

Senior Luke Trotz also is to compete -representing Dance Ensemble.

“(I want) to have the opportunity to represent a hard-working organization and make long-lasting memories during my senior year,” Trotz said.

Trotz said he already has decided what he plans to do for each section of the competition.

He said he is most excited for the sportswear portion.